Bob chagined but hopeful, 15 January, 2017 (continuing the material beneath the column reprint):   By the way, we fully recommend watching the movies Hidden Figures; except for the composite characters, historically spot on.  Every boy and girl should watch this.  Heck, Trump should watch it.   Next:  John Lewis.  I think anger and frustration has gotten the best of you right now.  Trust me, I understand.  Still, In the spirit of MLK you need to be even more audacious:  1) INVITE TRUMP TO MEET WITH YOU IN YOUR OFFICE FOR A PRAYER MEETING AND SHARING OF HEARTS AND MINDS -- WILL HE?   2)  LEGITIMATE OR NOT, HE IS THE PRESIDENT, AND THE OFFICE DESERVEES YOUR PARTICIPATION AS A LEADER OF OUR NATION -- THOUGH, WHAT I WOULD RECOMMEND IS THAT YOU KNEEL IN PRAYER DURING THE OATH AND SPEECH FOR HIM AND FOR OUR NATION TO FULFILL IT'S HIGH CALLING.  I WILL.  

Danville News Column
Robert John Andrews
Friday, January 13, 2017
“Lest We Forget”
Word Count:  750
A photographic spread of my profile-in-history will reveal scads of blemishes which embarrass me.  Dumb things I’ve said.  Immoderate things I’ve done.  Worse, good things I’ve failed to do.  Itch, scratch, squeeze.  I fear I’m a far better man when expected to be responsible, which makes me suddenly recognize I’ve been oddly tick-like, sucking from others my life’s purpose.  I need your cascade of contact.  Hello retirement’s isolation.  And Captain Kirk smirks: “Hello Captain Dunsel.“
I also have learnt that if I beat myself up for all my mistakes and missteps, I’d be too bloody and bruised to move in the morning.  But that neither condones blithe disregard nor dismisses my failings.  My flaws and weaknesses require the gutsy work of honesty, valuing criticism, naming and owning my sins of commission and omission, then using them, even appreciating them, to create a better future.  Transformation. 
Thank goodness I’ve been encouraged by persons prone toward loving-kindness and new chances. 
Still, it’s dangerous to whitewash wrongs, lest we reduce muscular hope into lazy silence.  To forgive and forget is utter nonsense and utterly unhelpful.  Deeper, tougher, resilient, is to forgive and remember.  Never ought we let ourselves get deceived from neglecting, overlooking wrongs, distracted by shiny objects.
We remember so we can be held accountable plus hold others to account, especially those entrusted with responsibility as public servants. 
Does the American public have the attention span of a Labrador retriever?  Our black Labrador loved circling about the backyard chasing whatever caught her attention:  squirrel, bird, cat, squeaky toy, her tail. 
You’d think the U.S. public would get tired chasing about willy-nilly, ignoring truth whenever dissembling politicians misdirect us by denying they’re politicians.  Well, politics is the hard business of the possible for the public good.  Politics is a noble, honorable profession, a virtuous calling.  I suspect we instead have elected a salesman-in-chief who impulsively says anything to make a sale.  I cannot even label him a liar because he’s such a pandering chameleon he lacks fixed principles. It’s almost comical, surely surreal.  Our petty adolescent-in-chief acts so delusional he probably believes what he blurts when he blurts it.  It’s very hard to be judged immoral when you are astoundingly amoral.  I love a mystery but not plain foolishness.
Feet to the fire, lest we forget. 
Let’s remember when he said the National Enquirer deserved a Pulitzer and disdained evidence in favor of tabloid propaganda and bizarro-world innuendo. 
Let’s remember he’s a serial adulterer with a cowardly contempt for women, minorities, immigrants, disabled.  It takes courage to listen, learn.  Would you want your daughters in the same room with him?
Let’s remember his narcissistic need for attention, his juvenile delight in chumming the crowds.
Let’s remember his apparent absence of any substantive faith excepting his idols of control, pride, money, his Christianity a sham (which makes the sycophant drooling of the conservative evangelicals so embarrassing). 
Let’s remember his jutting chin and braggadocio breast-beating refusal to reveal tax forms.  Why?  Image.  Might they expose how indebted he is to Russian “investors”?  Look, the red stripes of Old Glory are coloring both white and blue.  Are these stars fading into sickles?
Let’s remember how the U.S. intelligence agencies nearly got it right about Iraq and Saddam.  They fed reasonable information to the President but the cabal of Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rove squashed it, filtered it, adjusted it to fit their grasping narrative. 
My prayer is that as he lifts his hand in sacred oath and assumes this hard business and burden of historical responsibility (not privilege) he will pull up his big boy pants, turn from his own words and misdeeds, and turn toward becoming a real man. 
All of which explains why I’m proud that dozens of great local women are bussing down to Washington DC the day after the inauguration as part of the Million Women March to voice solidarity, strength, and support for common decency.  I’m proud of these women heeding the call to remember what really  was said, lest we forget, dismiss, and silently, sheepishly, fail to hold our leaders to account and to higher standards. 
Noisy marches are part of our grand American tradition, from Civil Right days to suffragettes, from Coxey’s Army (led by a fellow reared in Danville) to the Bonus March by abandoned Veterans.  I proudly recall my own participation in such a rally -- along with over 100,000 of us swarming the mall to protest Nixon’s second inauguration.  Fun, fun.
Feet to the fire, lest we neglect. 


Bob incredulous on 6 January, 2017:  Ah yes, just finished my Ray Bradbury -- a good tonic in a Trump world -- I love a good mystery can't stand plain foolishness -- those Russian mobsters are enjoying a new year indeed.  They got their own sputnik with orange hair. 

Bob full of Merry Christmas, 25 Christmas, 2016:  God, I love how the Republican party is extolling Trump this Christmas Day as their4 new savior, and how they are falling on their knees but only to kiss his ass.  

Bob wry perspective, 21 December, 2016:  I'm no snowflake.  Nor a sore loser.  Hew won the electoral college, not the majority of Americans regardless how he tries to twist it oherwise.  it is simply that Trump is an idiot.  He may be clever, but he's terribly stupid.   Berlin for example.  It ain't about him.  He's such a pathetic dolt, he must push himself into center stage, as if it is all about him.  Yes, that makes him an ass.    Leaders are servants who make sense.  Puffed up peacocks strut like Mussolini and can't wait to suck the world dry to feed them.  He's already doing it to those who attend those rallies.  He's used them.  What will happen when they see they've been duped?

Bob surreal, 10 December, 2016:  Do you remember that Cold War thing?  Well, as it turns out, Russia just won.  

Bob contemplative, 8 December 2016:  I think I intuited why Hilllary lost.  The voters never felt she loved them.  
Bob lament, 8 December, 2016:  Trump on his way to Ohio State Univerity.  I wish I could believe, I really do, I wish I could believe it is because he loves, because he cares and not because he wants credit, wants adoration, wants to be seen.  
Perspective, 2 December, 2016:  I can understand and appreciate opposing someone on the basis of their views or plans, their ideas and intent.  A few of the Republicans objected to President Obama's policies but were willing to work and listen.  Sadly, very few.  Rather tough at the beginning of a term to hear that the other party's main goal is to ruin, hinder, impede, destroy everything you propose.  There's an example of putting nation ahead of party, right.  Don't equate then with now.  I dont mind disagreeing over policies.  In fact, I welcome it.  What is going on today isnt this.  Nor is it sore losers.  It is being concerned with a president-elect's utter lack of moral character, a weak and scared man bereft of any sense of honor or integrity. 
Rant, 1 December, 2016:  watching the victory thank you lap speech in Ohio -- my God, thank you Trump voters for electing suich an smug ass  as President.  Such statesmanship, such decorum, such grace, such intelligence.  What a fricking asshole.  And I really am trying to pray for him to be the kind of leader we need.  Prayers for him to stop lying, stop insulting, stop demanding adulation.  I am so ashamed.  

Whimsy, 29 November:  I swear if Trump keeps this up, I'm going to end up burning a US flag and becoming Muslim...just to see what happens...
My 28 November, 2016 whimsy:  Ah, what a joy to listen to our president-elect, the hypocrite-in-chief.  I really can't call him an outright liar (liar-in -chief) because he's so delusional he actually believes what he says.  Would someone please help him pull on his big boy pants.  I swear, were I a clinician, it'd be tempted to diagnose the man we elected as a narcissistic sociopath.  That's comforting, right?   No doubt the Russian mob is snickering too...


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Blurb (Trump Era Day One):  Well, the Russian mob is smiling.  Any body interested in taking bets on how long it lasts?  And who will turn on him first when he fails to bail out their lives?  

Yes, I am ashamed of my country right now.   Oh, I've had many reasons in the past to be ashamed of my nation, but nothing like today.  We are such a laughingstock in the world of nations.   But I must not give into the very kind of blame and mockery of those who voted for Trump that he would and has toward others.   We must love.  Trump is our creation and a judgment on our society.   

Well, I had to accept the abomination of the presidencies of Reagan and Bush, I guess I will have to stomach this one.  Okay, this can be fun.  I began my adult life taking on fools in Government (Nixon), I can finish my career doing the same.  Good thing I'm leaving the pulpit.  This is a wake-up call for us to refuse to be complacent and we have been.  No more racism, sexism, jingoism.  Time for us to hit the streets.  Too many of us counted on a weak leader to carry our water.   Time for us to grab all the buckets we can carry.  We must hold Trump and his voters accountable!  Besides, as my wife says, intoning her English side, we get what we deserve.  

And no doubt, the Democrats in Congress will treat Trump with as much collaboration, collegiality, respect, and decorum as the Republicans treated President Obama.  We are reeling from the fruits of Newt Gingrich and his destruction of government by the refusal to treat the other party as equally interested in fostering the best for our nation.    

Remember: it is one thing to drain swamps, it is another thing to build something there -- what, more casinos?  I always have viewed casino owners no different than heroin dealers.
Remember:  Trump's election will be very telling.  It is about time we got honest about who America really is so we can recover who Americans are meant to be.  

Blurb/Rant (November 1):  My father would have still voted for Nixon, stalwart Republican that Dad was.  But I am sure he and even Reagan would vomit in disgust with what the team of Trump/Bannon is doing to their party and this country.   You got to believe the Russian mob is smiling.  

Blurb (October 26):  It sometimes takes a bump on the head for me to figure things out.  One of the real benefits of Trump smarmy attitude toward women and his sleazy behavior toward women is the potential awakening of young girls to demand more respect.  I know I haven't been the most respectful myself toward women.   But I'm trying.  It isn't the Kardashians young girls should admire, but the Hillary's, the Elizabeth Warrens, even Kellyanne Conway.  Boys:  take note -- you must respect girls.  Girls:  you just might wish to carry a razor blade wherever you go.
Blurb (October 17):  Hillary:  a low grade fever.  Trump:  an infarction.  Hillary:  New York Times, Washington Post, Dallas Morning Expressing.  Trump:  supermarket tabloids.  I'd be ashamed to vote for him.  Would love to be challenged outside the voting poll.  My Jersey will come out.  All the vitriol (including mine) is proving the need for the Thanksgiving Service we''ve planned as an affirmation of our unity as citizens and our process of the constitutional exchnage of power.   

Blurb (October 13):  Very curious number one:  this Republican anger at government for failing them, failing to solve their problems -- I always thought the Republicans tenet was wanting government to butt out so that we are to solve our own problems.  

Very curious number two:  Donald accusing Bill for being unfit for doing what Donald has done...

Bob's Blurb (October 11):  So sad and so pathetic is Trump.  He's also a walking disaster, but fortunately I have such confidence and pride in the United States that we will be able to learn from his candidacy and be the better for the sickness he exposes.  That folks actually would vote for him strains credulity, given how un-American and un-gentlemanly he is.  Without honor.  He attacks Bill Clinton as being unqualified by alleging the same behavior that he actually exhibits.  I don't get it.    Being a pragmatic voter myself, I find those who wish to clothe themselves in garments of virtue in voting for third party candidates to be a tad prissy and holier than thou...  And let's do our best to avoid being fascinated by the spiritual gymnastics of the conservative/neolithic evangelical branch in supporting him, he who contradicts everything they hold dear and sacred.  

Bob Blurb:  it is one thing to use the legal system to default and never pay taxes, it is another thing to still maintain a life of opulence, induilgence, and excess.  My parents couldn't and didn't when their business struggled and failed.  They had to sell the homestead and close the business and move in with my sister and her family.  They suffered.  It is one thing to point out Trump's bankruptcies and tax forms, it is another to ask why did he lack the moral character, let alone decency, to live within his means?   We work, we pay, we do what we have to... he didn't and he doesn't.  My father, a life-long Republican, would be ashamed about about the sycophants in the Republican party today...

Cool.  My talk on 'The Other Side of the Coin -- the Life of the Danville Mill Worker' is now on Youtube, courtesy of Van Wagner.






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Andrews’ book ― self-published in 2012 ― was selected from among 17 entries in a variety of genres to receive the biennial award, given in Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) General Assembly years to the best first book by a Presbyterian writer during the past two years. The PPC First Book Award winner is recognized at the Presbyterian Writers Guild’s General Assembly luncheon, which this year will be Thursday, June 19 in Detroit.

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